Officer Assistance Fund

Our officer assistance fund ensures you are never alone.

Legal and financial support.

One of the most important services we offer to our members is a comprehensive legal plan that provides individual representation in civil, administrative, or criminal defense matters. Although most officers will never need to use this benefit, others experience firsthand that even when you are completely innocent, litigation can be life-altering, and utterly devastating without an experienced ally who can help you through the process.

Whether our officers need help in a worker’s comp claim, civil action suits due to acts or omissions committed within the scope of their employment, or they need to ensure individual representation in order to not suffer a conflict of interest from city-appointed lawyers, we provide trustworthy and experienced two-tier coverage so that you never have to face this challenge alone.

Our coverage includes everything from drawing up your will so that you know that your loved ones are provided for if the worst should happen, to motor vehicle defense for moving violations. We also support officers who are injured in the line of duty and help to provide for the families of fallen officers.